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Supergrid for Renewables

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The temporal behaviour of energy towers is very advantageous compared with many other renewable energy systems. Since the dry air is available day and night the daily variations are relatively small.

At good sites such as for example in the Persian Gulf region the climate would allow at least a small production at any time during the year. This can be seen from the calculated duration curve of an Energy Tower near Abu Dhabi. At this site the production reaches 40% of the rated power within 78% of the time during the year. A combined production of two Energy Towers, e.g. one close to Elat and the other about 1300 km away in Abu Dhabi, shows that the combination could further improve the temporal behaviour.

Verantwortlich: G. Czisch; Gestaltung: C. Budig, G. Czisch, W. Flemming