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Supergrid for Renewables

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As mentioned before the potential production within the area shown only considering sites with more than 1500 FLH is about 100 times higher than the demand of the European Union and Norway. So it is possible to be quite selective and choose only the better regions. As an example I selected the following.

1.) Good wind sites within EU & Norway. (With restrictions due to the high population density.)
2.) The Jamal Region with northern Russia.
3.) Parts of Kazakhstan
4.) Southern Morocco (The calculated production is rather conservative. Due to measurements in this region significantly higher production up to 5000 FLH is expected.)
5.) Mauritania also has good wind conditions.

To use these potentials we have to have high transport capacities.

Verantwortlich: G. Czisch; Gestaltung: C. Budig, G. Czisch, W. Flemming