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At the end of my speech I want to switch the point of view to an other aspect of the Extraeuropean option for an energy supply with wind power. I roughly want to sketch the idea to combine CO2 reduction and Development aid. Therefore I will compare two potential partners within a new electricity system.

Morocco and Germany:

  • The population of the developing country is about 36% of the German population.
  • In Morocco the electric consumption per capita is 7% of the consumption in Germany.
  • The GDP is just 1.7% of ours (Germanys). It really is a poor country.
  • In Germany we spend 2.2 % of our GDP on electricity. Which is more than the total Moroccan GDP.
  • If the EU would decide to produce 10% of its electricity in Morocco (equivalent to 40% of Germanys consumption). The total investment in wind parks would on the one hand only be 3.3% of Germanys annual GDP or 1 ½ times our annual expenditures for electricity. On the other hand it would be 2 times the actual GDP of morocco.
So the decision for Europe would mean to get relatively cheap green electricity and for Morocco it could provide a development aid that lasts for some decades.

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