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Supergrid for Renewables

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Summary and Conclusion
  • Europe and its neighbourhood has good wind sites with huge potential for electricity production.
  • The difference of the temporal behaviour in distant regions is very advantageous for an energy supply with high wind power penetration.
  • In a system dominated by wind power, backup and storage will be necessary. To a certain extent both might be available. The costs for backup capacities will not dominate.
  • For high wind power penetration as well as for transportation over far distances the European Grid is to weak but the costs of HVDC – lines will not be dominant.
  • Wind energy could become a major source of power production.
  • A win – win situation for all countries involved in a clean power system could be created. Especially the combination of climate protection and development aid offers interesting chances.

Verantwortlich: G. Czisch; Gestaltung: C. Budig, G. Czisch, W. Flemming