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Also other statistical figures significantly change with the size of the used catchment areas.
  • The bigger the area the lower the maximum of the simultaneous production, whereas the minimum production is slowly increasing with the area size.
  • The frequency of occurrences with high simultaneous production significantly declines within bigger catchment areas (Compare the "frequency of occurrence over 60%" of the installed wind power capacity).
  • The same is true for the frequency of occurrence with low simultaneous production. (Compare the "frequency of occurrence under 20% " of the installed wind power capacity.)
  • The electrical energy produced in times with high or low system loads shows a corresponding behaviour.
It can recapitulatory be said that the time performance of wind power with increasing size of the catchment area becomes more and more balanced and thus more favourable for the electricity supply.

Verantwortlich: G. Czisch; Gestaltung: C. Budig, G. Czisch, W. Flemming